Accreditation to Inari Weeks 2018 events

Welcome, dear member of the media, to the versatile Inari Weeks 2018! We hope you will come see and experience the many events of we have planned. We hope that our events will be well seen and heard in the media you’re representing. In exchange for accreditation we will grant you the Inari Weeks press pass.

Sending in an accreditation application does not directly entitle you to the 2018 press pass, because we require confirmation that you will be on duty during our event.

Please e-mail us with the following information: the name of the company you’re representing, name, position, address, phone number, e-mail address and instructions on how to best get a hold of you. According to this information we will be creating the Inari Weeks 2018 press pass that will grant you the right to visit the Inari Weeks 2018 events for free in order to broadcast, photograph or write about the events.

We ask that you return the accreditation request to mirja.karjalainen(at) by 6.7.2018. You will receive a response on your approval and instructions for the media into the e-mail address you provided by 13.7.2018.

We ask that each reporter will send their up-coming story to the Inari Cultural Services to mirja.karjalainen(at) as soon as it/they are published. The stories must include the name of the reporter, media ID and publishing date.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Mirja Karjalainen, Secretary of Cultural Affairs, mirja.karjalainen(at)

Press photos 2018

Photos are available exclusively for the media to report on Inari Weeks and its events.