Media access pass

Accredited representatives of the media have free access to all Inari Weeks events. We grant press passes to Inari Weeks 2019 to those representatives of the media who work as journalists or photographers, or on filming or other media tasks.Get your accreditation and access pass in advance by sending the following information to the name of the media you represent, your name, task, address, telephone number, email and how to best contact you. The information is used to create an access pass that gives you free access to all events of Inari Weeks 2019 for reporting, photographing and communications.

Please send your press pass request by 5 July 2019. We will send your accreditation and instructions to your email on 12 July 2019 at the latest.

We kindly request all accredited representatives of the media to send all published reports and photos to the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Inari at as soon as possible after publication. Please state the author/photographer and publication date.

Further information: Secretary of Cultural Affairs


Photo bank 2019

Photographs can be used freely by the media in all communications related to Inari Weeks.

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