Changing exhibitions in Siida

17/04/2019 - 19/04/2020

Open daily 9 am–7 pm.

Inarintie 46, 99870 Inari
Tickets, adults 10 EUR, children 0–6 years 0 EUR, school children 7–17 years 5 EUR, students and seniors 8 EUR, family ticket 20 EUR, groups a minimum of 10 with a group ticket 8 EUR per person. Please ask for our yearly cards!
Siidan näyttelyt _MG_5314[286]-2019.jpg

During summer 2019, the changing exhibitions in Siida offer the first museum exhibition focusing on only Inari Sámi handicraft traditions, Arktisia unelmia exhibition presenting tourism and architecture from 1930s to 1950s in Finland and Kyllä me pärjätään photography exhibition, in which Tomi Guttorm contemplates about the present day Sámi culture and its future.